Dec 2016 - Present

Remote Software Wizard


  • Something something Infrastructure

  • Something something Monitoring

  • Something something Metrics

  • Something something Clouds

Move, Inc. (

May 2014 - Dec 2016

Software Wizard

Morgantown, WV

  • Redesigned infrastructure from a separate service per server system to a highly scalable containerized and dynamic infrastructure.

  • Created a robust, resilient and distributed job scheduler with a locking, task runner, and alerting system with flexible configurations.

  • Major overhaul from static logging to logging backed by ElasticSearch ELK stack.

  • Created extensive monitoring and failure detection suite for early warning of system failures.

  • Development, evolution and continued hardening of a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Lead numerous training sessions on technologies such as Kibana, Grafana, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, Vault.

  • Leading a team to follow an efficient and Scrum implementation with very reliable commitment deliveries. (Manager’s words not mine)

  • Assisted other teams around the company to speed up their software delivery process and improved monitoring.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Oct 2011 - May 2014


Fairmont, WV

  • After familiarizing myself with the team’s processes and procedures, I wrote a white paper on recommendations for improvements. The improvements were taken under advisement and I was given permission to implement the majority of the improvements.

  • I used Puppet to automate the setup of developer workstations for onboarding new individuals. This improved the time a new developer was prepared to learn the system from 2 weeks to less than a day.

  • I used both Puppet and a cloud deployment framework to bring both the developer workstation and our systems configuration under configuration management and automated deployment. This allowed for automation of 70% of system setup for our tools and improved development into a new environment from 6 work days to 25 minutes for the 70% that was brought under automation and configuration management.

  • Using Maven and Bamboo, I redesigned the system artifacts to become proper Software Configuration Items (SWCIs) to move the team closer to the CMMI and government goals for the project.

  • Used Spring, Apache Camel, and OracleAQ to implement a multithreaded, redundant biometric system.

  • Decompiled a third party library with a GUI to leverage it in the use of a command line tool to automate its use.

  • Used Spring to create a stand-alone tool for the customer to leverage system components for a significant system enhancement for a two day turnaround.

  • Used Python to manage 100+ disparate servers. Allowing for quick deployment and fast testing of the code base and environmental synchronization between development, test, and quality assurance environments.

TEKSystems consulting for Lockheed Martin

Sept 2010 - Oct 2011

Software Engineer

Fairmont, WV

  • Evaluated 12 Enterprise Service Bus(ESB), Service Management, and Service Registry solutions to determine a proper fit for our customer. Using a multi-stage elimination that gradually evaluated more of the products to eliminate products that could not fit the customer’s goals to allow for more focus on the remaining products.

  • Implemented 2 Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) product suites to demonstrate a comparative POC for the customer. To allow for a requirement by requirement comparison of the final recommended solutions.

  • Made enhancements to a 6 year old Swing application used by the FBI gun check NICS program

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

Jan 2008-Sept 2010

Software Engineer

Fairmont, WV

  • Phase 1 Integrated and implementation of a software biometric system. One of two individuals who designed and implemented the phase 1 prototype biometric matching and sharing system. Developed a fully functional prototype to demonstrate proof of concept capability to integrate with external government agencies for data sharing. The system was designed and implemented using Oracle/BEA Aqualogic Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) and Business Process Modeler(BPM) using J2EE, SOAP and XSLT along with JNI to develop the module SOA interface. Participated in customers meetings to help define the system’s functional requirements. Mentored Jr. staff members for proper integration into the project along with developing programming priorities, goals and strategies. Used Microsoft Silverlight to implement a monitoring interface. Designed and Implemented a fully automated complex build system using ANT.

  • Phase 2 Implemented the EFTS/EBTS FBI specification for binary and mapped EFTS/EBTS into NIEM XML. Re-architecture the phase 1 system to integrate new customer requirements along with transitioning from BPM to Oracle Business Process Execution Language(BPEL) product. Lead a task team of 3 people to ensure proper and bug free integration of customer requests in a timely fashion using Agile processes. The phase 2 system used Layer7’s XML Gateway for WS-Security, X.509 and XML Validation. The phase 2 system was implemented using Oracle ESB and BPEL along with Layer7 XML Gateways and J2EE. Created a unit testing suite in JUnit to ensure proper integration testing and regression testing. Experience using Hibernate and Oracle Toplink to manage the database tier of an enterprise application. Implemented proper version control for the project using SVN. System logging was implemented through Log4j and then upgraded to use SLF4J. Overall system was deployed on Linux(Red Hat) with a few segments deployed on Windows Server 2008. The QA/Production systems contained several server racks of approximately 100 blade servers.

Advanced Acoustic Concepts.

June 2006-Jan 2008

Software Engineer

Uniontown, PA

  • Integrated and implemented a broad range of applications that enabled Content Management, Learning Management, and Content Discovery.

  • Designed webservices in Java with Axis 2.3 and Eclipse to allow third parties to easily use our software.

  • Implemented product enhancements and bug fixes with Java and Flash to extend current product functionality for the customer.


West Virginia University

May 2008

B.S. in Computer Science

Morgantown, WV

West Virginia University

December 2010

M.S. in Software Engineering



Java, J2EE, Spring, Camel, Maven, Gradle, Python, Bash , Ruby , Javascript


Puppet, Chef


Flask, Puppet, Chef , Rails


AWS, Redhat, Docker, Jenkins, Graphite, Debian , Nginx , Logstash


MySql, Oracle


Vagrant, JBoss/Tomcat/Weblogic, SVN/GIT, XML, XSLT, SOA/SOAP, ESB(Aqualogic),